Rapala Dt Metal 20 Crankbait - $3.88

This lure dives quickly to its preset depth of 20 ft. and stays there, maximizing time spent in the strike zone. A small metal disc is embedded in the lip for extra-deep retrieves. The balsa body and extra-thin polycarbonate lip are perfectly balanced, resulting in a highly effective side-to-side motion. Internal rattle chamber emits sound, luring that monster fish out of the depths. Long-casting design can be easily thrown 150 ft. or more, covering more ground than other lures. High-contrast finishes and metallic-painted scales for maximum flash. VMC SureSet tail hooks keep fish on the line. Hand tuned and tank tested. Size: DTMSS20 - 2-3/4, 7/8 oz. Colors: (007)Brown Bone, (008)Green Shad, (078)Chartreuse Brown, (202)Regal Shad, (429)Chartreuse Purple Shiner. - $3.88