Rapala Balsa Xtreme Minnow - Black Nickel - $10.99

This innovative lure combines tried-and-true wood construction with state-of-the-art technologies to maximize effectiveness in the water. Its rugged copolymer shell stands up to the hardest bites, while the balsa inner body delivers a lifelike presentation. Molded 3-D head, gills, scales and holographic eyes have an ultrarealistic appearance. Black nickel #4 treble VMC hooks. Sizes: 4, 3/8 oz., running depth: 3 ft. to 5 ft. 2-3/4, running depth: 2 ft. to 4 ft. Colors: (001)Silver, (015)Blue Back Herring, (017)Perch, (021)Firetiger, (056)Gold Shiner, (117)Yellow Perch, (323)Rainbow Trout, (393)Blue Pearl, (394)Smelt, (428)Purpledescent. Color: Black Nickel. Type: Crankbaits. - $10.99