Rage X-Treme Two-Blade Broadheads - Yellow - $44.99

Rear-deploying Rage SlipCam broadheads are fully deployed upon entry, resulting in huge entry holes and wound channels, exceptional blood trails and quick, humane kills. High-speed footage shows the broadheads are fully deployed, even hyperextended, at impact, while traditional over-the-top expandables open as they enter. Tests show these broadheads out-penetrate the competition as well. Rage broadheads are streamlined, have a 3/4 in-flight diameter and will fly like a field point. Rages rear-deploying blades will not deflect like the blades on an over-the-top expandable can on angled hits. Rages-exclusive Shock Lock System employs an O-ring to act as a shock absorber when the head hits bone. All Rage broadheads feature oversized cut-on-contact tips, HexFlat design for exceptionally stable flight and feature a body manufactured from aircraft-quality aluminum. The blades are stainless steel. The Rage X-Treme broadheads are Rages biggest, baddest ever. Designed for draw weights of more than 55 lbs., they deliver a devastating 2.3 cut for cavernous wound channels. Per 3. Available: 100 gr., 125 gr. Color: Yellow. Type: Mechanical Broadheads. - $44.99