Rage 40KE Two-Blade Broadheads - Stainless - $25.88

Rear-deploying Rage SlipCam broadheads are guaranteed to deploy upon entry, giving you the full benefit of the heads cutting diameter. In flight, Rage broadheads are streamlined with a 3/4 in-flight diameter. Upon impact, the SlipCam system initiates and the blades slide back, deploying from the rear. High-speed footage shows that Rage broadheads are fully deployed, even hyper-extended at impact. Traditional over-the-top expandables, on the other hand, deploy as they enter, resulting in a much smaller entry hole. The blades on a Rage cut a wide swath for maximum tissue damage. Rages ShockLock System employs an O-ring that acts as a small shock absorber for the blades, protecting them if they hit bone. Penetration tests prove that, in spite of their impressive cutting diameter, Rage broadheads out-penetrate fixed-blade broadheads and over-the-top expandables. All Rage broadheads feature a stainless steel, instant-cut tip, HexFlat design for exceptionally stable flight, stainless steel blades, and a body machined from aircraft-quality aluminum. The 40KE is made specifically for those hunting extra big game like moose. Its recommended that hunters use this head for big game if they generate less than 40 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy. Includes a free practice head. 100 grain. Per 3. Cutting diameter: 1.5. Weight: 100 gr. Color: Stainless. - $25.88