Radar Theory Slalom Waterski 67 w/ Vector Binding Standard & Artp (7-11) - $374.95

The speed and cornering characteristics of the theory are a controlled adrenaline rush. It's like taking a sports car down a windy coastal highway. Choose your speed and enjoy some wind in your face. Push it a little for some tight cornering or open it up and carve some longer lines. It's suitable for the full gamut of skiing styles and always feels like your best friend. There is also not a better 30-32 mph ski for the slalom course. We guarantee it! gt inspired graphics and .5" additional width make it a must have in anyone's slalom quiver. Key Features of the Radar Theory Waterski 67 w/ Vector Binding Standard & Artp (7-11): .5" wider than strada Suggested max speed 32 mph. Aerocore Carbon inside Cutlass fin Tru-line inserts - $374.95