Radar Senate Slalom Ski 67 w/ Vector Bindings - $577.95

The Senate is fitted to both classic style and up-to-the-minute technical skiers. After all, it's the most popular shape in modern skiing. The simplicity of acceleration makes your old ski seem... well, old. Jump on this energized shape for performance that catalyzes everyman into a lakeside hero. Ease of use is undeniable and performance is unforgettable. It's so closely related to the Strada that you will feel that signature balance and speed. The added surface area frees the ski for easier acceleration and less rope tension at the finish of the turn. Being explosive in the course and flawless in open water make this the Swiss Army Knife of water skis.Key Features of the Radar Senate Slalom Ski 67 w/ Vector Bindings: Suggested max speed 34 mph AeroCore .2" wider than Strada Vector boots: Every now and then a product comes along and redefines its category and we think the Vector has done just that for water ski boots. A boot of tournament level performance built with the comfort of your house slippers. It's also lower and lighter than any other available boot, keeping you in more control and aiding in a lightweight set-up. Cuff height has been set for great lateral stability and the 3-D molded tongue offers firm support, controlling forward pressure. - $577.95