Radar Denunzio Kneeboard Psychedelic - $223.95

When we set out to build a compression-molded kneeboard, nothing but a game changing legendary shape would do. Something that encompasses everything that a proficient low-rider would be blown away by! You see, most shapes claim to have great pop or hold a great slalom edge, but none have both. This guy does! After extensive research and development, The Denunzio was shaped with a specific side profile creating the perfect edging board. This, balanced with a subtle four channel design and a surface area quotient that blasts off the wake, is like nothing you have ever ridden before. The dual density kneepad is firm on the inside and soft against your legs. A dual-locking strap holds you in place for hucking big inverts or landings in the flats, or both!"What's a Denunzio " you ask Well...Each and every person reading this has that awesome gene in us that seems to peak when the sun breaks and the lake temp gets right. The one that wishes to have a Tom Selleck moustache or a pet penguin to take out on the boat. Your inner Denunzio may talk in 3rd person with a sweet accent, or sign autographs for people that did not ask for one. My Denunzio is an 8lb. 6oz. Baby Denunz with cutoff jeans, mirrored glasses and uses Hawaiian Tropic for deodorant, shaving and doing his hair. Come on! Get your Denunz on! - $223.95