R.E.D. Avid Grom Kids Helmet - $39.95

R.E.D. Avid Grom Kids Helmet - It's never too early to keep your kid safe when they hit the hill or pavement. Red's lightest weight kids' helmet, the Avid Grom, comes equipped with features that easily adjust to varying head shapes and weather conditions. Ready for year-round protection, the Avid Grom is armed with an ultra lightweight in-molded polycarbonate shell that is ASTM 2040, CPSC and CE 1077B certified. Easily dial in the fit and customize the liner's circumference with the Spin Fit System - a invaluable tool for growing heads! And since the Avid Grom is a crossover helmet, meaning it can be worn in snow, as a skateboarding helmet or as a bike helmet, your child can wear this just a little bit longer than a plain snow helmet would allow. Rider controlled, the Airvanced Ventilation allows variable airflow to the inner helmet microclimate and limits the invasion of outside elements. Unison Technology, the reason behind the perfect form, fit and function of the Avid Grom, is an ultra smart technology that engineers the entire fit system, helmet shape and mechanics in unison, leading to reduced bulk and weight, a superior fit and ultimately - a better riding experience. The FineTuning system is way to customize your child's personal level of warmth, padding and protection with the desired body shielding, modular padding systems and removal options that you don't get with other helmets. The Avid Grom also features the goggle gasket, a fully removable shield that eliminates the gap between goggle and he - $39.95