Quick Blade Kanaha All Carbon Stand Up Paddle - $339.00

The Kanaha All Carbon stand up paddle offers responsive control, a nuanced design and a holistic approach to maximizing your paddle stroke. The Kanaha All Carbon paddle has been refined to enhance performance during the paddle's entry into the water, the power stroke, the paddle's exit, and the recovery stroke. A slightly curved tip makes a clean, fast catch in the water. Slight dihedral on both sides of the blade improves stability along the longitudinal axis of the power phase; you don't have to fight to prevent the blade from fluttering. Blade's thin profile creates a clean, fast exit from the water, and well-balanced paddle offers simple recovery. Extremely lightweight carbon shaft offers a bit of flex to increase comfort on every stroke. Carbon fiber blade is extremely lightweight and very stiff; ABS plastic edge improves impact strength. P40 stand up paddle grip fits nicely in the palm of your hand and emphasizes an easy stroke; handle offers a 40deg canter from the shaft. 10deg blade angle provides maximum bite in the water. - $339.00