QM Sports Care Recuperation Oil - $22.50

Any of us who take cycling fitness seriously realize that there is an inherent danger in the sport. We've come to terms with the notion that crashing is not question of "if" but rather "when" and "how badly." To mitigate the eventuality, we improve our bike handling, chose safer training routes and wear helmets. When we inevitably hit the ground, the soreness resulting from even low-speed crashes can be enough to keep us off the bike for days. This is why QM Sports Care makes their Recuperation Oil. It has been specially developed to provide relief for bruised and injured muscles.Don't think you can only use the Recuperation Oil after crashing. It is the type of oil that professional physiotherapists will use to treat injured muscles, whether the injury resulted from trauma or repetitive motion. All you really need are sore muscles to appreciate its effects.Once you open the packaging, the first thing you'll notice is the amazing aroma. The idea of aroma therapy is to help relax all your senses in a bid to calm your muscles even before the rubbing begins. The Recuperation Oil accomplishes this by using things like essential oil of lavender, which has a naturally relaxing effect on the muscles and even provides a painkilling element. Rosemary is also used since it has a slightly warming effect without being over-powering or tingling. It stimulates circulation to promote the movement and release of the lactic acid that makes your muscles feel like lead weights. Lastly, QM Sports Care adds Geranium oil to reduce any feeling of cramping and for its antibacterial and antifungal benefits.Nobody looks forward to the next wipe-out off the bike, but at least know that with QM Sports Care Recuperation Oil, there is a professional and pleasing solution to help return your muscles to lucid, supple order. - $22.50