QAD Ultra-Rest HD Pro Series - Stainless - $104.88

This total-containment drop-away rest utilizes the latest technology to have you consistently shooting your best. The Mounting Block Design gives you even more vertical adjustment and is made to accommodate thinner bow risers. Full-draw indicator marks ensure proper launcher position at full draw. The rests Lock-Down Technology uses a patented eccentric cam that breaks and locks down into the drop-away position, eliminating rest bounce-back. Harmonic Dampener Technology aids in a quieter shot while Velocity Drop-Away Technology maintains the arrow-capture position even during slow let-down. Timing cord is now adjustable at the ThumbWheel. Break-away safety feature. Vertical, horizontal and overdraw adjustments. Constructed of CNC aluminum, stainless steel, and Delrin components. Right-hand only. Made in USA. Camo pattern: Realtree AP . Color: Stainless. Type: Drop Away. - $104.88