QAD Exodus Swept Blade Broadheads - Stainless - $35.88

This revolutionary fixed-blade broadhead gives the serious hunter everything needed true field-point accuracy, remarkable penetration and a large cutting diameter. Unique Blade Over Shaft (B.O.S.) technology delivers an ultrashort and compact head for unmatched accuracy and penetration. With the same great features and rugged construction as the QAD Exodus Full Blade model, these blades sport a steep, swept-back angle. Rock-Buster tempered, .040-thick stainless steel tips are replaceable, and have a 1-14 cutting diameter for increased penetration and bone-crushing strength. Ultratight machining tolerance ensures perfect balance and head-to-head consistency. Made in USA. Per 3. Cutting diameter: 1-1/4. Weight: 100 gr. Color: Stainless. - $35.88