Q-Cove Jim's Breakaway Flasher - Chartreuse - $11.88

These flashers send out high-powered pulses of light, and when the strike happens, the bottom half of the flasher automatically disconnects from the main line while the top remains connected. This breakaway design helps eliminate drag, so you feel every move the fighting fish makes. Per each. Made in USA. Size: 11. Colors: (105)Red Rum, (111)Green Glow, (301)Chartreuse Glow, (504)Green Gold, (600)Dragon Green, (601)Dragon Blue, (603)Dragon Silver, (604)Dragon Purple, (607)Killer Krush, (608)Nuclear Crush, (610)Green Ice Tiger, (611)Orange Ice Tiger, (701)Purple Haze. Color: Chartreuse. - $11.88