Pyranha Shiva Kayak - $1,098.95

Reach for the Pyranha Shiva Kayak when you set out to clean that steep, drop-filled creek you've been eyeballing for the past few summers. Soft stern chines, a rounded hull, and progressive rocker gives this boat a forgiving feel on the water and the capability to turn big drops into buttery-smooth landings. A little less playful than the Nano and a little less precise from bow-to-stern than the Burn, the Shiva shines when it comes to speed and agility in steeps and rock-filled sections of creek. Additional bow and stern volume, while primarily there to help you punch through waves and holes, also helps you resurface quickly and avoid getting pushed around in big water. A high center of volume and low center of gravity allows you to quickly tip the Shiva on edge, lean back, and engage the stern-based steering provided by the stern chine lines and release edge. As always, you get the comfortable, adjustable Connect outfitting and a roomy cockpit that makes entry and exit a snap. Intermediate and advanced paddlers will find this boat a welcome addition to any creek-focused quiver, but aspiring paddlers might look toward a boat like the Nano if they want something with more do-it-all friendliness. - $1,098.95