Pyranha Jed Kayak - $1,098.95

Loose in the hole and fast on the wave, the Jed Kayak is Pyranha's high-performance freestyle weapon. While boats like the Loki or the Varun would be your choice for river running, the Jed is the first stop when you need a snappy ride that makes even the most technical moves and combos easier. Progressive rocker rewards your snappy edging style with plenty of pop to get you airborne, and when you land, the v-hull contour (at the rear two-thirds of the stern) makes your landing buttery smooth. Like a play boat, the bow and stern are slicey, which makes vertical maneuvers that much easier. One of the primary differences between the Jed and its play or river running compatriots is the distribution of volume around the core. You get more room in the cockpit, a cleaner fit, and the punchy buoyancy needed for popping in and out of the water when you're hitting loops or driving your body forward through some rapids. - $1,098.95