Pyranha Fusion Kayak - $998.95

You enjoy whitewater and open water, rivers and creeks, but you can't afford to keep an entire quiver of boats to cover every paddling scenario. Pyranha created the Fusion Kayak to solve this problem by giving you a one-boat option for both fast-moving water and open stretches of ocean or lake. One of two boats in Pyranha's river touring lineup, the Fusion is first and foremost forgiving. The hull is more stable and less sensitive to lateral movement than a river runner like the Everest, but it's more maneuverable than the long-and-fast Speeder. A built-in skeg system improves tracking on open water, the two-position backrest can be adjusted for either comfort or control, and the rear hatch is roomy enough to hold up to 78 liters of gear for a long day on open water. Hit the river and you'll discover the surprising maneuverability offered by the hull rocker, the foam bulkhead that keeps you floating high over river features, and the grab loops and rescue points that add security not typically offered by a touring boat. For everyone from aspiring to expert paddlers, this boat offers the ideal balance between the nimble shape and safety of a river boat and the comfort and efficiency of a touring rig. - $998.95