Pulstar Pulse Plugs - $2.88

Pulstar Pulse Plugs look similar to spark plugs, but the technological advances are evident inside. A unique capacitor-based circuit captures wasted energy and generates a spark with 20,000-times greater energy. At the exact moment needed, that energy is released in a powerful and quick (two nanoseconds) high-energy pulse. Improved efficiency burns fuel sooner and more effectively for improved mpg, lower CO2 emissions and better drivability. Available: AD1P, BE1P, CB1P, DG1P, EF1P.To order, call Cabelas Customer Service at 1-800-753-3218. Specify vehicle year, make and model. Year: 92-95. Type: Spark Plugs. Style Number: cb1p. Size: 5.7 liter 7.4 liter. Model: K2500 Suburban. Make: Chevrolet. Cb1p. - $2.88