Pulsar Quantum Thermal Nightvision Monocular - $3,499.99

Detect heat signatures in dark, foggy or smoky conditions out to 920 meters with Pulsars Quantum Thermal Nightvision Monoculars. The premium germanium lenses provide crisp, detailed images on the frost-resistant, 640x480-pixel OLED displays. Built-in magnification (2.1X on HD38 and LD38; 2.5X on HS19 and LS19) pairs with 2X digital zoom (HD38 and LD38 models only) for viewing objects at distance. Video outputs allow use of external displays or recording devices, and power inputs accept external power sources for increased run times. Operates in temperatures down to -4F. Adjustable brightness and contrast settings along with selection of white-hot or black-hot modes for viewing in any situation. Integrated rails for attachment of power supplies, recording devices or other accessories. Partially rubberized carbon-fiber bodies are lightweight and rugged. 10-second quick-startup feature. Two 1/4 mounting sockets. Runs on four AA batteries (rechargeable AA batteries included). Type: Night Vision Monoculars. - $3,499.99