Pse Bow Madness Arrows - $39.88

If the Drury brothers stand behind something, you can trust it's a good investment. Radial X Weave technology takes carbon-arrow technology to a entirely new level. A patented computer process wraps individual carbon fibers to create a weave pattern and an arrow that is faster, stronger and straighter than conventional carbon arrows. 3" Fusion vanes provide a radical blend of shape and material for maximum aerodynamic steering capability and unprecedented broadhead flight. Straightness and weight tolerance within .003" and 5 grains. Shafts are full length with inserts loose. Per 6.Available:200, 7.5 gpi300, 8.6 gpiPSE Bow Madness ArrowsDrawWeight(lbs.)27"28"29"30"31"46-51-20020020020052-5720020020030030058-6320020030030030064-6920030030030030070-75300300300300-76-81300300300-- - $39.88