Pro-Troll Hot Chip Flasher with EChip - Chartreuse - $8.99

Combining Pro-Trolls revolutionary EChip with the flash and vibration of a flasher, the HotChip Flasher should be in every salmon anglers arsenal. The EChip sends ionic pulses throughout the water for fish to key on and it never wears out. Fish one next to your standard flasher-and-rig combo and see the difference for yourself. A single EChip can be used on several different lures. Per each. Sizes: 8, 11. Colors: (011)Glow White, (131)Glow Chartreuse, (160)Glow Green, (161)Green Splatter, (165)Flasher Green, (168)Flasher Chartreuse DXX, (192)Glow Coyote, (690)Plaid on Clear, (720)Full Moon Glow, (735)White/Green Bubble Glow, (795)Fluorescent Double Super UV,(796)Fluorescent White Super UV,(797)Fluorescent Chrome Super UV,(851)Green Stryper, (962)Flasher Red. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Flashers. - $8.99