ProMariner ProTournament On-Board Chargers - $179.88

The Pro Tournament charges batteries up to three times faster than leading traditional chargers by sensing each battery bank and automatically distributing its full charging output 10, 15 or 30 amps (depending on model) to any one bank or combination of banks. Distributed On-Demand charging ensures 100% output, even with AC input voltage as low as 90V. It has a gentle float mode for long and short-term storage. Every charger is 100% waterproof and pre-wired for easy installation. The rugged low-profile all aluminum housing gives superior cooling at half the weight of most chargers. It also has a push-to-test status indicator, and UL 1236 and FCC Class B Fused output cables. Not for use with Evertroll batteries. Weight: 6 lbs.. Type: Chargers. Total Amps: 10. Model: 100. Dimensions (LxWxH): 3"x12"x6-7/8". Charge/Length: 100 amps/10 hrs.. Banks: 2. Pro Tourn 100. - $179.88