Prologo Nago Evo TS Saddle - $113.40

While you can get a lighter saddle from Prologo, such as the 155g, carbon railed Nago Evo Nack, there are two good reasons to instead consider the Prologo Nago Evo Ti Solid Saddle. First, its solid titanium rails will make more sense than carbon for some riders who are either more powerful or who will ride in more mixed conditions, especially CX or mountain biking. Prologo doesn't advise the use of the Nago Evo Nack for either pursuit.But there's another benefit to the Nago Evo Ti too. It comes in 134mm and 141mm widths, measured across the titanium rails give this Nago durability for bigger riders, cyclocross, or mountain biking widest part of the saddle. If you have broader hips, the wider model is going to suit you better.Regardless of width, the Prologo Nago Evo Ti Solid Saddle features the same innovations as its lighter cousin, including a featherweight carbon frame -- the "skeleton" of the saddle that supports the foam and attaches to the rails. This is molded with varying densities, so that vibration reduction is built-in, and so that the saddle flexes slightly under power. Multi-durometer foam is attached to the frame, with firm support beneath your hips and lighter, more forgiving foam at the mid-section, toward the nose.Speaking of which, if you need to scoot forward on the Prologo Nago Evo Ti Solid Saddle the microfiber cover features ridges that add just enough grip to hold you squarely and comfortably for easy paceline work. The Prologo Nago Evo Ti Solid Saddle is available in 134mm and 141mm widths and comes in Black/black and White/white color schemes.Two different widths to accommodate differing pelvises A soft nose for greater comfort while climbing Medium/soft in the middle to reduce pressure on the perineal zone Medium firmness on the back and sides for greater support Prologo ESD (Easy Stroke Design) gives your legs more space to move to increase pedaling efficiency - $113.40