Profile Design T2+ Cobra Carbon Clip-On TT Bar - $190.00

Just as the T1+ Viper takes the T1 design and does it better in carbon-fiber, so the Profile Design T2+ Cobra Clip-On Time Trial Handlebar takes Profile's T2 S-bend design and upgrades it in carbon fiber. The resulting extensions are sleeker, lighter, and more ergonomic.The shaping on the Cobra is less dramatic than on the Viper, but is no less a comfort improvement. It's easier to wrap your fingers around the underside of these bars compared to the aluminum T2's, as well as provide an entry port for routing shifter cables internally, if you choose to run bar end shifters. The 335mm S bend extensions are mated to the same forged aluminum clamps and hardware found with the T2 aero bars. The handlebar clamps tighten to the bars separately from the extensions, and these clamps are separate from the armrests, so you can first determine the width you're comfortable riding with, then set the length of the extensions, then adjust the armrests. Since the armrest clamp is round clamping on a round tube, you can adjust the cant of the armrests, which can offer both some height adjustment as well as allow you the opportunity to have the armrests tilted inward or outward. For those who like a narrow position, having the armrests tilted upward toward the stem could give you a secure feeling. Those who like a wide position can lower the armrests and tilt them outward so it is easier to come out of the armrests. The armrest clamps, known as J2 Brackets can also be moved fore and aft on the extensions themselves. J2 brackets allow the user to set the F-22 armrests at two different widths and three fore-aft positions as well as adjust the angle of the rests. People who prefer a wider position often like to rotate the rests so they're cradling and guiding their forearm in the direction of the extension. Included with the F-22 armrests are 12mm spacers so people can raise the height of the armrests. The F-22s are shaped for better gripping with your hand. - $190.00