PRO VIBE 7S Handlebar - $88.00

The 7S of the PRO Vibe 7S Handlebars stands for 7000 series aluminum. 7050 to be exact. Strong, light, and reliable, it's the alloy of choice when you're not ready to go for carbon-fiber. It's even the pro team choice, if, for no other reason, than many mechanics don't want the hassle of checking carbon fiber bars. The 7S Bars give you the same shape as the Vibe DC carbon, with the strength and reliability of aluminum.The 7S takes another feature of the DC carbon and transposes it in aluminum -- the 31.8mm tops. You'll notice that the tops of the handlebars have no reduction in diameter from the clamp until the bars start to sweep forward. The wide 31.8mm section gives you lots to hold onto as well as increases rigidity.Another plus of the 7S is the short 79mm reach. What this allows is lots of range for your forearms when muscling the drops out of the saddle. With longer reach bars, you have a greater chance of hitting your arms on the bars. Here, with the short reach, it's nearly impossible.The curve of the handlebars from the tops to the forward part of the rake has been designed to allow a seamless transition between Shimano STI levers and the bars. By this, we mean that it will feel like one long, smooth perch from the curve of the bars to the end of your STI hoods. Other brand levers will work, too.The Pro Vibe 7S Handlebar has a 31.8mm clamp diameter and comes in three widths -- 40, 42, and 44cm measured center-to-center. They are available in Matte Black or White and have a modern round bend, with what we'd call a relatively short drop and reach. The drop is 130mm and the reach is 79mm. The bars are grooved to allow two cable housings under the tape for a super clean look and comfortable grip. They can be used with any 31.8mm stem without voiding the warranty, and there is no rider weight limit, so even the most brutish sprinters should have no fear. Shimano says they can be used safely with clip-on aerobars. - $88.00