Pro-Troll ProChip Flasher - Chartreuse - $6.99

Fitted with the Pro-Troll EChip that gives off a tiny electrical pulse with every tail kick of the flasher, the ProChip Flasher adds deadly ionic attraction to your hootchie or squid. The diagonal fin causes superior rotation. Bottom is embossed in silver, while the top is fitted with glow tape. The diagonal agitator causes an erratic action that big predators just cant ignore. Convenient and easy to use, it never wears out. And a single EChip can be used on several different lures. Per each. Sizes: 4, 8, 11. Colors: (011)Glow White, (131)Glow Chartreuse, (142)Super Glow White, (160)Glow Green, (302)Red Sparkle, (627)Fin Fl Plain Cream (not shown), (628)Super UV, (690)Plaid on Clear, (700)Chrome,(705)Chrome/Green, (714)UV Plaid/Red, (715)UV Plaid/Chartreuse, (720)Full Moon Glow, (733)Blue Bubble/Glow White, (736)Mountain Dew/Glow White, (774)Moonbeam on Green Green/Stripe, (775)Moonbeam UV Pink, (795)Double Super UV,(796)White Super UV, (797)Chrome Super UV. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Flashers. - $6.99