Pro-Troll Kokanee Killer Signature Series - Chartreuse (SIZE 1) - $5.49

Every living creatures nervous system emits an electrical voltage. Predator fish sense this voltage in the live bait and rely on it to locate and capture food. The EChip duplicates this voltage that predator fish detect. The EChip is made of a proprietary electronic crystal and ball in a stainless tube. In water, the crystals hypersensitive electrons are activated by any movement or vibration. No batteries are required and the EChip never wears out. Designed by Gary Coe, the top kokanee derby money winner in North America for the past five years. This design includes the EChip, holographic finishes, 3-D eyes, flex bead hook holders and alternate slow speed rigging on all size 2 models. Per each. Sizes: 1, 2. Colors: (075)Chartreuse,(308)Pink Glow,(309)Pink Glow,(409)Watermelon, (421)Purple Coe, (422)Holo Pink, (423)Holo Orange, (424)Holo Firetiger, (425)Holo Chartreuse, (429)Holo Flame, (435)Holo UV Pink Stripe, (437)Flame Sparkle. Size: SIZE 1. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Casting & Trolling Spoons. - $5.49