Pro-Troll EChip Bait Holder Heads - Stainless Steel - $8.99

Rig your own bait holders with the EChip spring-loaded head. Can be easily threaded with hooks and spacing that just fit your bait. Hooks not included. Per 3 pack. About EChips ... This tiny device is not only increasing the success of fishermen using it, but may revolutionize fishing with artificial baits and lures. It consists of a small stainless steel tube with a stainless ball inside and a small ceramic crystal inside one end of the tube. As the ball rolls back and forth with the motion of the lure, an electronic impulse duplicating that of a wounded baitfish is emitted. Predator fish in the area sense the simulated nerve discharges and are more likely to strike. 3 per pack. Sizes: Fin height 1/2 for baitfish 4 to 5 long. Fin height 3/4 for larger baitfish. Colors: (005)Red, (096)Chartreuse, (116)Clear, (131)Glow Chartreuse. Color: Stainless Steel. Type: Baitholders. - $8.99