Pro-Tec Powder Paint - $7.29

Pro-Tec Powder Paint is quick and easy to use. Simply heat your jig or lure and dip it in the powder. The powder will immediately melt on contact and bond to the metal for a smooth, even, high-gloss finish. The UV Blast clear coat paint makes lures and jigs flash by reflecting fish-attracting ultraviolet light. Fish can detect UV rays, which penetrate deeper than visible light in murky water, making baits more reflective. Theres no drying time, no odor, no solvents, no mess, no mixing, no thinning. Environmentally safe, it has an indefinite shelf life. Two ounces will paint about 450 3/8-ounce jigs. Comes in 2-oz. containers. Available: (100)UV Blast Standard colors: (002)Gold, (003)Black, (004)Yellow, (005)Red, (007)White, (008)Brown, (012)Purple, (180)White Pearl, (241)Glow. Fluorescent colors: (027)Hot Pink, (028)Blaze Orange, (169)Yellow Chartreuse, (555)Flame Red, (801)Green Chartreuse. Bass colors: (055)Watermelon Ice, (202)Junebug, (351)Ruby Slipper, (423)Baby Bass Green, (445)Watermelon Pepper. - $7.29