Pro-tec B2 Snow Helmet - $62.97

Like anybody who rides (yeah, really rides) you smack your head from time to time. A tight tree run, an icy half pipe, a douchey skier who just won't get out of the way; nobody ever said mountains were safe. You may think that beanie looks good, but the simple fact is, once the inevitable happens you head's gonna come apart like a ripe melon tossed from the fourth floor. Keep some brain matter inside its case with the help of the multiple-impact Pro-tec B2 Snow Helmet. The B2 is sporting 15 generous vents, all arranged in some fancy pattern that forces the air to flow over your noggin to keep things cool and comfortable. The one-piece, removable liner is machine-washable so you won't be able to tell the number of days you have on the mountain by sniffing your helmet, and Pro-tec's proprietary Wind Shield makes sure your girl doesn't walk out on you because she spots you at the mountain with gaper gap. - $62.97