Pro King Salmon Spoons Regular - Copper/Orange Cracked Ice Glow - $5.19

The cupped, taped design of the Pro King Spoon is perfect for catching salmon, trout and other game fish. They use VMC treble hooks and can be trolled at a variety of speeds for different results. The silver holographic back is taped with the best color combinations, covering the full color spectrum. Per each. Size: 3-3/4. Colors: (002)PK-2, (009)PK-9, (011)PK-11, (014)PK-14, (023)PK-23, (031)PK-31, (061)PK-61, (091)PK-91, (092)PK-92, (098)PK-98, (117)PK-117, (145)PK-145, (146)PK-146, (802)PK-167, (804)PK-171 (805)PK-170, (957)PK-250, (971)PK-151, (973)PK-153, (976)PK-156, (980)PK-159. Color: Copper/Orange Cracked Ice Glow. Type: Casting & Trolling Spoons. - $5.19