Pro Hunter Nrr28 - $99.88

Pro Hunter Hearing Protection and Amplification ear muffs are made exclusively for Cabela's by Pro Ears. They feature a padded, adjustable headband and ProForm Leather ear cushions for extended-wear comfort. The medium-profile cups provide a comfortable fit that's ideal for both handgun and long-gun shooters while providing a NRR of 28dB. Dynamic-Level Sound Compression technology compresses loud noises without shutting the unit on and off, allowing you to be heard and hear while shooting. Automatic Gain Control amplifies softer sounds up to 70dB so you can hear soft sounds in the woods and still have protection from loud noises. Suitable for moderate- to high-noise environments. 3-year warranty. Made in USAWeight: 11 oz.Color: Green. - $99.88