Pro Ears Pro Tac SC Gold Muffs - Black - $299.99

Ultracomfortable and lightweight with an NRR of 25db, this ear protection is worn by more shooting champions than all other brands combined. Its ultracomfortable earcups feature a chop-side design with felt protection to make sure your stock wont be scratched. Optimized for use with any firearm, this protection is ideal for precision shooters and surveillance applications. Employing both analog and digital technology for premium sound reproduction, this system also uses super-conductive gold connectors to lower impedance and optimize sound quality. Exclusive DLSC technology intercepts and mitigates loud noises such as gunshots in just 1.5 milliseconds, and you can adjust the industry-leading amplification to suit your personal enhancement needs. While most electronic hearing protectors use a single circuit board, this system has two military-grade boards. In the unlikely event that one board would become damaged or disabled, the other will still perform as needed, while lesser single-board systems would be completely shut down. An eight-bit microprocessor runs continuous diagnostics on all critical components to ensure optimal performance. Visco-elastic foam teams with Pro Form leather to make the earcups ultracomfortable while keeping a tight seal. Youll find you can wear this ear-protecting system far longer than other systems because of these comfort-enhancing features. An LED in the earcup tells you the system is operating, and an audible low-battery alert warns you well in advance of power failure so you have ample time to change batteries. The system also includes a 3.5mm jack so you can plug in a music player, motor sports scanner or radio and enjoy quality music or audio. Five-year manufacturers warranty. Made in USA. Weight: 10 oz. Color: Black. Color: Black. Gender: Male. Age Group: Adult. Material: Leather. Type: Electronic Earmuffs. - $299.99