Pro Ears Pro 200 Muffs - Black - $99.99

Enjoy superb sound amplification and hearing protection in a versatile system that offers hunters and shooters outstanding comfort and performance. It comes preset with 15db of amplification for operation in continuously noisy environments while simultaneously providing an NRR of 19db. Noise protection activates in just 5.5 milliseconds with DLSC compression technology. Wind-abatement programming cuts down ambient noise on breezy days. The circuit boards reduce high-frequency filtering that can help those with hearing loss in the higher frequency ranges, and theres one in each muff with independent on/off and volume controls. ProForm leather and visco-elastic foam muffs offer outstanding comfort. A spring-form steel headband creates a snug fit for shooters desiring a tight seal. Three-year limited manufacturers warranty. Made in USA. Weight: 7.6 oz. Color: Black. Color: Black. Gender: Male. Age Group: Adult. Material: Leather. Type: Electronic Earmuffs. - $99.99