Princeton Tec Tec 40 Light - $22.95

Princeton Tec Tec 40 Light The Tec 40 Light by Princeton Tec is a compact halogen unit that provides the highest power-to-weight ratio of any light in its class. This Princeton Tec Headlamp features a non-slip rubber grip ensuring you'll be able to securely hold the light even if you're diving at 100 meters. This Princeton Headlamp has the twist-activated switch prevents accidental turn-on. SPECIFICATIONS of the Tec 40 Light by Princeton Tec Power: 28 Lumens Lamp: Halogen bulb Burn Time: 5 Hours Batteries: 4 AA Alkaline Weight: 181g with Batteries Weight: 85g without Batteries UL Rating: Approved UL Temp Code: T3C Single Mode: Narrow 108m Beam Length Brightness: 28 Lumens Distance: 108 Meters UL Approved: ++ Waterproof Rating: Level 3 - $22.95