Princeton Tec Spectrum Fuel Customizable Headlamp - $34.99

Customize this lightweight, robust headlamp with the millions of color combinations available. Four ultrabright LEDs provide a powerful beam where you need it. Whether youre reading a map or surveying a pre-dawn trail, the 70-lumen Fuel is ready at the touch of a button. The rugged housing is made of a combination of Xenoy and Xylex plastics, chosen for thier great impact resistance and high-temperature and stress tolerance. Its also injection-molded with internal reinforcements for added strength. The water-resistant battery hatch keeps the batteries in and everything else out, and the head straps buckle doubles as a tool to access the battery hatch when youre in less-than-ideal conditions. The smoothly curved back bracket fits snugly against your forehead and mounts on your shoulder strap, webbing or tents gear loft. A unique arm on the bracket balances the weight of the lamp evenly on its central axis for precise aim. Large power button is easy to find and can be quickly activated by touch. Runs on three AAA batteries (included) for up to 146 hours.Weight: 79 grams. Type: Headlamps. - $34.99