Primos Trigger Stick - $31.88

Steady your aim on that trophy of a lifetime and adjust the height of your rest with one hand. The Trigger Stick is lightweight and has a trigger-release height-adjustment system for easy operation with one hand. It comes with a detachable Y-yoke for use as a gun rest, but is threaded to fit 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 optical gear mounts as well. Available: Two-section monopod Adjustable 20-30 Three-section monopod Adjustable 29-62 Two-section bipod Adjustable 23-32 Two-section tall bipod Adjustable 36-1/2-62 Two-section tall tripod Adjustable 36-1/2-61 Type: Shooting Sticks. Type: Shooting Sticks. Height 29"-62". - $31.88