Primos The Truth Calling All Coyotes DVDs - Coyote - $7.88

The Primos 100% Wild Fair Chase Series delivers incredible coyote-hunting action. Made in USA. Available: The Truth Volume 8 Has it all mouth- and electronic-calling techniques, long-range shots and close-up action. 58 kills total. 180 minutes. The Truth Volume 9 Provides plenty of action calling in coyotes, bobcats and fox with pointers for calling in predators. 180 minutes. The Truth Volume 10 Jam packed with fast-paced predator-hunting action and calling techniques that brings them running. Watch the crew call in coyotes, bobcats and fox. 180 minutes. The Truth Volume 11 Join the crew as they continue to speak the language of the coyote. Enjoy the hunts while learning new tactics. 51 kills. 185 minutes. Color: Coyote. - $7.88