Primos Palate Plate Elk Diaphragm Calls - Ivory - $4.88

Choose any of these effective calls to reproduce accurate elk sounds. All feature the Palate Plate to properly position the calls in your mouth. Available: The Sentry Plate Single has a Sound Plate that automatically positions it in your mouth at the right place and angle, making calling elk easier. It is set at 16, which is perfect for cow, calf talk and spike bull bugles. The Ivory Plate(TM) has an angle of 30, making this single reed perfect for cow, calf and satellite bull sounds without switching calls. The Imperial PlateDouble has an angle set at 30. The large V-cut in the second reed makes it perfect for cow and herd bull sounds without switching calls. The larger V-cut adds the raspy sounds of the herd bull's growl, bugle and chuckle. Color: Ivory. Type: Elk Calls. - $4.88