Primos Hog And Javelina Calls - $11.99

Enhance your chances of bringing home the bacon with these affordable calls from the pros at Primos. Available:The Javelina is designed to trigger an instinctive reaction and works best when the animals are within 100 yards. The distress screams produced by the call will appeal to the pack and maternal instincts javelinas are known for, making them want to rush toward the call to join the fight. Be ready for action when you use this call. Responding javelinas may come in fast and most likely, they won't be in a good mood. Because both sows and boars produce squealing sounds, the Hog Squealer is equally effective on both. It appeals to the pack mentality of wild hogs, as well as their curious nature. This long-range call reproduces the sound of a pig in distress, but be ready. Some studies have shown that the larger a wild boar is, the more his diet consists of meat and, being cannibalistic, there's nothing a big boar finds more tasty than a helpless piglet in distress. The Hog Grunter works best for close-in calling. Because wild hogs are social creatures, they'll often get curious and investigate when they hear other pigs nearby. Use this call to lure porkers from cover and close the distance for your shot. - $11.99