Primos Buck Roar Deer Call - $12.99

When a bucks testosterone levels are surging through the roof, he makes a roaring sound that puts every animal in the woods on notice. The Buck Roar is a very effective deer call to have on your stand. The roar sounds like a deep, resonating growl that is made by aggressive bucks during the rut. Whether the rut is in full swing or just beginning, bucks will make the roar when they are trying to get an estrous doe to stop or warn other bucks to get away from a hot doe. The Buck Roar is made of rubber so it doesnt make a sound to alert approaching deer, should you accidentally bump it against your stand or gun. In addition to making the roaring sound that bucks make during the rut, this call also makes perfect grunts and the snort-wheeze used to warn off other bucks or to communicate while tending a hot doe. A strap for mounting the call to your wrist or arm keeps it handy. The addition of a compass makes it handy for keeping your bearings while hunting or scouting. - $12.99