Primos BowHunter's Pak - Mist - $30.99

The BowHunter's Pak comes with all the great Primos gear you'd need for a successful bowhunt. Start with video to get you fired up about going, calls to bring in the bucks, and a wind checker to let you know where to set up. The Pak includes THE Lil' CAN, RubberNeck, Wind Checker and The TRUTH 6 BowHunting DVD. THE Lil' CAN accurately reproduces the higher-pitched bleats of young does. It is the perfect call for early-or late-season hunting. The RubberNeck is an adjustable, rubber deer call. Go from mature buck grunts to young buck grunts with a push of the button. Includes lanyard and elastic arm band. Wind Checker helps keep your scent out of that big buck's nose. Simply pop the flip-top up and squeeze to check wind and know where your scent is headed. It releases a perfect mist of unscented powder that shows wind direction and your scent trail. The TRUTH 6 BowHunting DVD features calling, stalking and ambushing trophy-class bulls, bucks and bears up close and personal. Feel the adrenaline rush with three hours of non-stop bowhunting action. Color: Mist. Type: Deer Calls. - $30.99