PowerTraveller Solarmonkey Adventurer - $119.99

Charge your smartphone twice or GPS or mobile phone three times with the Solarmonkey Adventurer that features an internal battery that recharges itself from the onboard solar panels in 12 hours or less. Partially charges an iPad and tablet. It continues to charge your electronic devices even in low-light conditions, thanks to Maximum Power Point Tracker technology. Battery also recharges from a USB port or international main charger (not included). Built-in voltage sensor regulates required charging voltage. Water- and shock-resistant. Case is made of military-grade injection-molded, fiber-reinforced composite plastic that is acid-, oil- and ultraviolet-resistant. Includes:Solarmonkey Adventurer unit; three device-specific tips; Mini- and Micro-USB tips, Apple sync/charging cable, protective storage case, user guide and carabiner. One-year standard manufacturers warranty.Dimensions: 6.7H x 3.78W x .9D. Weight: .58 lbs. Type: Other Camp Essentials. - $119.99