PowerTraveller Solargorilla - $209.99

This portable solar charger gives your Powergorilla juice anywhere. Two glass, photovoltaic solar panels generate electric current when exposed to sunlight. Red LED indicates the strength of the charge the more UV intensity, the better it works. Its also a viable charging option for laptops under 40 watts, and charges your cell phone, MP3 player, handheld game console and more from the 5-volt USB output.When the Solargorilla and Powergorilla (not included) are connected, unnecessary internal circuits are shut off to improve charging time by up to two hours. Tough, water-resistant, rubberized casing. Includes:Solargorilla unit; eight male tips; eight device-specific tips; DC extension cable; USB extension cable; zipper case; Velcro strap; and user guide. One-year standard manufacturers warranty.Dimensions: 10.39H x 7.87W x .75D. Weight: 1.81 lbs. Type: Other Camp Essentials. - $209.99