PowerTraveller Powermonkey Extreme - $189.99

Make sure you have power for your iPad/tablet, iPhone/smartphone, iPod/music player, e-reader, PDA, GPS, digital camera or portable game console wherever you may be. Powermonkey Extreme is the culmination of five years of development to ensure power for such devices in the remotest locations. Its 9,000mAh lithium-polymer battery is capable of recharging most 5-volt devices up to six times before the Powermonkey Extreme itself needs recharging. You can recharge it three ways: wall socket (international adapter included), USB or included solar panel. Built-in safety features protect you and your devices. This charging unit is waterproof to IP67 standards and shock-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use. Powermonkey Extreme comes with a collection of adapters to facilitate use with most major portable electronic devices.Dimensions: 5.98H x 2.34W x 1.10D.Weight: 8.5 oz.Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow. Type: Other Camp Essentials. Black. - $189.99