PowerTraveller Powermonkey Discovery - $74.99

On one charge, the Powermonkey discovery fully recharges an iPhone twice, handheld game consoles for up to 10 hours or most cell phones three to four times. Enjoy up to 120 hours of music on your MP3 player! Compatible with most 5-volt devices. Features built-in voltage sensor to regulate required charging voltage. Integrated lithium-polymer battery recharges in eight hours or less from computer USB port. Precision-engineered aluminum casing. Includes:Powermonkey discovery unit; eight device-specific tips; Mini- and Micro-USBtips. iPhones and iPods require USB sync/charging cable (not included). One-year standard manufacturers warranty.Dimensions: 4.5H x 1.81W x .5D. Weight: .23 lbs. Type: Other Camp Essentials. - $74.99