Powertraveller Powerchimp+ - $64.99

Powerchimp is a compact, light, portable device you can use to charge most mobile phones and small personal electronics. It comes with a Motormonkey that plugs into both 12-volt and 24-volt vehicle power sockets. Once your device is recharged, the Motormonkey shuts off to prevent unnecessary drain on your vehicle battery. Kit includes: Powerchimp; Motormonkey; retractable USB cable and device connection tips for old-style Nokia and Mini-Nokia; Micro USB; Mini USB; Samsung G600; iPod; LG Chocolate; Sony Ericsson wide connector; Female USB; Sony PSP; Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DS Lite devices; crystal storage case and two rechargeable AA batteriesDimensions: 3.62H x 1.57W x .95D.Weight: 2.57 oz. - $64.99