PowerPro Vermillion Red Line 500 Yards - RED - $43.99

An innovative manufacturing process known as Enhanced Body Technology permeates this braided Spectra line with a protective layer that will not peel off. This results in a line that is 10 times stronger than steel and winds easily onto any type of reel without retaining memory. The smooth surface texture allows it to effortlessly sail quietly through the guides.Spool size: 500 yards.Color: Vermilion Red.Lb. TestMonofilament Eq. Dia. (lb.)Dia. (in.)1020.0061540.0072060.0093080.01140100.01350120.01465160.01680180.017100200.018 Type: Super Lines. Lb. Test: 10. Lb.Test 10#. Color Red. - $43.99