PowerBelt Platinum Bullets - $24.99

Enjoy all the benefits of sabot-like performance without any of the drawbacks of using sabots. A patented snap-on base creates a perfect gas seal, resulting in consistent pressures and accuracy. Gas blow-by is eliminated, creating consistently higher velocities. Unlike sabot rounds, these projectiles are full-caliber size, are easy to load and dont require cleaning after each shot. No plastic residue is left behind, so you can shoot up to eight shots between recommended barrel swabs. The three PowerBelt configurations are tailored to specific applications. The AeroTips superior flight performance results in longer, flatter trajectories and controlled expansion. Theyre ideal for deer, elk and black bear. Hollow-Point PowerBelts deliver maximum expansion on thin-skinned game such as deer and varmints. Use Flat-Point PowerBelts for hard-hitting punches on heavy-skinned game such as bear and moose. For clean, accurate, game-dropping muzzleloader ammunition, theres a PowerBelt bullet that meats your needs. Available: Platinum The pinnacle bullet in the PowerBelt line with a smaller hollow-point cavity for controlled expansion; an aerodynamic-enhancing ultrasmooth finish; and a fluted, large-diameter gas check for an accuracy-enhancing tight seal. Platinums handle magnum loads with ease and deliver superior accuracy, high muzzle velocity and optimal expansion on game. Color: Platinum. Type: Bullets. - $24.99