Powerbar High Intensity Beta Alanine - $37.76

In today's day and age, training is everything, and maximizing the efforts of your training is more important than ever before. If you're looking to squeeze a little extra out of your muscles' top end, give the Powerbar High Intensity Beta Alanine a go. So what does Beta Alanine do' In layman's terms, it makes you go faster for longer. In a more scientific definition, it works by increasing your muscles' carnosine levels. Heightened levels of carnosine in muscle tissue is known to combat and buffer the buildup of lactic acidsthink of that burning in your legs when you're rolling at peak wattage or heart rate. After you've been on the Beta Alanine regiment for a little while, you'll notice a reduction in overall muscle fatigue and burning. This all equates to your peak intensity elevating. Coupled with your training regiment, Beta Alanine will let you stay within your anaerobic threshold longer, and thus build stronger muscle tissue faster.The PowerBar High Intensity Beta Alanine consumption regiment is simple enough. For your first four weeks, PowerBar recommends that you take two tablets a day, spaced at least three hours apart. From four weeks on, take two tablets once daily. Results typically show within four to eight weeks after you start the regiment, so PowerBar recommends beginning daily consumption 10 to 12 weeks before competition.The PowerBar High Intensity Beta Alanine is NSF certified for sport and is available in one container size of 112 tablets. Please note that PowerBar recommends consulting with a licensed physician before using this product. - $37.76