Porcupine Fish Attractor 3-Pack Spheres Only (POND MANAGEMENT/FEEDERS) - $39.99

Build your own Porcupine Fish Attractors with these convenient spheres. They accept PVC pipe to complete a fish structure that not only draws fish in but also improves spawning habitat. They take the hassle out of designing your own submersible fish structure for your pond or a large reservoir, and they are easy to assemble and very affordable. Spheres are constructed of a noncorrosive material that's safe for the environment. Once constructed, they are perfect to place under piers, boathouses, docks or by themselves in a line out from the shore. You can either suspend them by threading some cord through the pre-drilled hole on the sphere or tie on a weight to sink them. After a few weeks of adjustment, the fish will gravitate to them and swim along and through them. Eventually, algae and plankton will grow on these structures and attract even more fish. They provide shade and refuge to smaller fish to increase survival rates. You won't lose lures or get tangled up fishing around them either. Just reel in and pull the hooked fish toward you; eventually the line will slide right off the PVC extension. It even shows up on fish finders and sonar units. Mark your Porcupine Fish Attractor locations with GPS or landmarks for both night-fishing and ice-fishing trips. Per 3 spheres. Gender: Male. Age Group: Adult. - $39.99